Saturday, March 6, 2010

'The Great Flamarion' is a tale of lust and tragedy

The Great Flamarion (1946)
Starring: Erich von Stroheim, Mary Beth Hughes, Dan Duryea and Stephen Barclay
Director; Anthony Mann
Rating: Five of Ten Stars

Reclusive marksman and vaudeville entertainer (von Stroheim) comes out of his shell when he believes the beautiful assistant in his act (Hughes) loves him and wants to be with him instead of her husband (Duryea). However, the coldhearted, manipulative woman simply wants the Great Flamarion to "accidentally" shoot her husband during the act, so she can run off with yet another man.

"The Great Flamarion" is an utterly predictable film, although it might not have been so in 1946 when it was made. The story never misses a chance to go exactly where you'd expect it to go, and the characters never move beyond complete and total cliches.

However, there is still a degree of enjoyment to be derived from this film if you just sit back and go with it. Hughes' performance as the black widow who should make black widows feel uneasy is so over-the-top that it fits perfectly with the nature of the script, while Von Stroheim takes an interesting term as a man who moves from an obsession with lethal guns to a lethal obsession with the woman who took his self-respect and his honor.


  1. This one looks good. I don't think I've seen many films with Mary Beth Hughes.

  2. I think I may have seen her in three or four other movies, including "I Accuse My Parents" and "Dressed to Kill." I'll find out as I keep moving my RT archive to these new blogs. (Actually, I'll probably be reviewing "Dressed to Kill" as part of Sherlock Sunday in a month or so.)

  3. Sorry... talking more to myself than anyone else. :)

    RT is "Rotten Tomatoes." I posted somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,500 reviews to that site before a reformat/relaunch completely demolished my blog there. Most of what's showing up on my current blogs are reviews I'm salvaging from there.

  4. Oh Ok. I never go to Rotten Tomatoes.

    Sorry to hear about your blog over there; glad to see that the reviews are coming here, where they belong.

  5. I love this movie, mainly because of Mary Beth Hughes, Duryea and von Stroheim - three insanely entertaining performances.


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