Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wonder Woman Wednesday!

In anticipation of the forthcoming Wonder Woman film, here are some portraits of everyone's favorite Amazon Princess!

By John Byrne
By Sergio Xantos
By Oliver Nome

By Alex Ogle
By H.G. Peter, the first artist to draw Wonder Woman

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Picture Perfect Wednesday: Ariana Grande

Until earlier this week, I had never heard of Ariana Grande. Then some sub-human creature decided to go to one of her concerts and blow himself up with a bomb designed to kill and maim as many innocent bystanders as possible. This disgusting excuse for a human being managed to murder more than 20 young adults and children while injuring scores more. He will burn in Hell for what he did.

Ariana Grande is a pop singer who got her start as a child actreess on broadway and a pair of TV series that aired on the kids-oriented network Nickelodeon. She launched her singing career in 2011 and has released three solo albums since. She also continues to act, with guest appearances on "Scream Queen" and other shows. The show in Manchester that was attacked was the suicide bomber--who was affiliated with the religiously motivated psychopaths of ISIS--was part a tour in support of her latest album, "Dangerous Woman."

Here's a music video for one of Grande's singles.

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