Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Time flies...

Exactly ten years ago, we posted some photos of Brittnay Jo Sprinkle. At the time, she was an up-and-coming model. She appears to have chosen a different career path, but we're going to observe the tenth anniversary of that post with a few more pictures of Sprinkle from back then.

Brittnay Jo Sprinkle


Brittnay Jo Sprinkle
Brittnay Jo Sprinkle
Brittnay Jo Sprinkle
Brittnay Jo Sprinkle
Brittnay Jo Sprinkle



Sunday, July 14, 2024

BEACHED - By Peter van Straaten & Steve Miller

A very special BEACHED on this International Nude Day.

BEACHED by Peter van Straaten and Steve Miller

Happy International Nude Day!

Mary Dee

Marian Marsh

It's that time again when the denizens of Shades of Gray show off what God gave them! (Well, at least as much as we can get away with before the Morality Police come down on us!)

Sabrina Mamura
Toby Wing
Brigitte Bardot, nude with fans

Muriel Gordon
Sharon Stone
Bebe Daniels
Peggy Lipton, Nude Day

Elizabeth Hurley nude

Britt Eckland

Finally, Mel showed up late for National Hat Day, but we improvised and worked her appearance in here!

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

How Hot Is It? (Ballerina Edition)

It's so hot that Katie Boren can only sit in the shade while she tries to get up the energy to dance into the stream...

Ballerina Katie Boren

... Sally is unable to move from this shady bench...

... Alexis might be melting...

... and the result of Juliet's lunch of baked beans and cabbage is colder than the air around her!

Monday, July 8, 2024

Musical Monday with Wheeler Walker, Jr.

Let's kick off the work with a song that should be the anthem of that vast cross-over that exists in the Shades of Gray audience that love both country music and pot!

Sunday, July 7, 2024

BEACHED - By Peter van Straaten

 Beginning a new cartoon series--that will appear here every Sunday throughout the summer! Art is by the legendary cartoonist Peter van Straaten and the jokes will either be translated from Dutch or be written by Steve Miller!

Cartoon by Peter van Stratten
(Click on the panel for larger version.)

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy Fourth of July!

We hope American is having as great an Independence Day as we're having here at Shades of Gray! There might not be as many photos in this post as there have been in some previous years, but there's more to see in each one!

Here's Susan Hayward and Virginia Lee, making sure everyone knows what day it is!

Susan Hayward and Virginia Lee

And we have Marceline Day, Anita Page, and Gwen Lee re-creating a famous painting celebrating the War for Independence in their own unique way!

Marceline Day, Anita Page, and Gwen Lee

Meanwhile, David Bowie may be standing alone, but he's an Englishman lifting his glass to Old Glory!

David Bowie and the American Flag

But there's perhaps nothing as grand as Joan Marsh transforming herself into a living avatar of the Fourth of July--Sparky Boom-Boom!

Joan Marsh