Monday, August 26, 2019

Musical Monday: Runnin

If you like electronic music with an ethereal, hypnotic feel, I think you'll find "Runnin" a nice song to get your week underway with. The song is by Betical, which is a duo that consists of French brothers Max and Martin Hoet. They also directed the video for this song. (I have no idea who Tailor is; feel free to educate me, oh Denizens of the Internet.)

"Runnin" and its video were first released in June of 2019. It's my first encounter with Betical, and, while I like the visuals of this video more than I do the song, there's enough interesting here that I will be seeking out more of their music. Other suitable videos may also find their way onto Shades of Gray on future Musical Mondays.

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