Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Appeasement Doesn’t Work

In case you haven't heard, Seattle-based artist Molly Norris is under death threat from the worshipers of Mohammed--for NOT drawing their idol. Although she sparked the "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" idea, she disavowed it when OTHERS made it a reality, and she did everything she could to apologize for expressing an idea, short of offering to pay for the gay sex the mullahs and members of al-Qaeda so desperately crave.

You know... she apologized left, right, and center for something that Americans should consider one of our inalienable right. The free and open expression of ideas.

Novelist Edward Cline has written a column at Big Hollywood on the matter: Appeasement Doesn’t Work--Fatwa Issued Against ‘Draw Mohammed Day’ Cartoonist

As for me, as promised, here's a Mohammed cartoon, in observance of the latest Mo-toon controversy.

(This cartoon from 2005 was the first installment in the weekly adventures of Bestest Prophet Pals, Jesus and Mo. You can see many more of them at www.jesusandmo.net.)

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