Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to the first Mohammed Monday

I explained the "why" of this here and here. I've been raging about Muslim assholes who think they can bully and threaten anyone who doesn't subscribe to their world-view and bizarre ideas of what is and isn't idolatry and blasphemy for some two decades now. I won't be stopping any time soon... unless I'm "disappeared" like artist Molly Norris.

The inaugural Mohammed Mondays cartoon is by South African editorial cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, created as a commentary on "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day".

And if you're so inclined, you can spare me any mealy-mouthed lectures about the "moderate Muslims." I've been watching these fatwa-issuing freaks get bolder and more mainstream and more violent for the past twenty years. I've been watching Western media get more and more timid in the face of their threats. If the "moderate Muslims" haven't done anything to stop them by now, they're not going to.

If you feel inclined to submit a cartoon for inclusion in a future Mohammed Mondays post, you can send it as an attachment to the email address in my profile. But please know that I won't put up any cartoons that depict Mohammed as a pig or a pile of dung or any such thing. I may not buy into the idol-worshiping beliefs of what the news tells me are all Muslims, but I also don't feel the need to pass along stupid stuff like that. (Oh, and a further requirement is that the cartoon must be in black-and-white... although I would imagine that probably didn't need to be said, given the nature of this blog.)


  1. No pigs? No dung? There go all my ideas.

  2. Dang. I liked the cartoons you did for "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," and I would happily have posted others. (They can FEATURE pigs and dung... but I think the "Mohammed as pig" or "Mohammed as a dog turd" was trite and lame even before the first photoshopped image got posted.)

  3. You cannot blame the whole community for one persons deeds.. its sooo cruel sir. i m a good citizen who cares about all the people who are gods creation. i don't care who they are . and sir i do respect you both also. Please don't hate our community sir.

  4. Anonymous: If you consider savages who murder and maim over something as trivial as a cartoon, or who seek to silence authors or artists they don't like as part of your community, it's hard for me to not hate that community.

    I certainly admit that there are rationale and decent Muslims in the world, but so long as you choose to stand beside those who vow death and destruction to anyone and anything that doesn't fit their narrow, diseased idea of Correct and Holy, then I really don't have much use for you.

    Drive the scum from your community, please.

  5. steve sir i do understand your feelings very much. i know how it feel to you...
    sir we really are trying to get rid of that as much as possible. the problem now its that some of the things are done by others and whole blame is put on our community...
    Sir i m a lovable for my friends which all are from different community. I do really want to make a change but all are not allowing ...
    what can we do sir....

  6. I appreciate those who feel like you do are in an impossible situation. I hope things start improving and that those who feel like you do will some day become the dominant voices and forces with the Muslim community (and "Islamic World" in general).

    I extend my best wishes and hopes for you and yours. Any venom from this direction is not directed at you, but at the murderers, oppressors, and their enablers and defenders.

  7. Sir, i am a muslim and i respect ur religion but our religion is d best for us... u don't have the right to degrade our religion... we love our prophet an following his ways we can be the best community in the world but some of the people are muslims of name only... otherwise our religion is the religion of peace and our prophet has set many examples of a forgiving nature... it seems as if u don't have a deep understanding of prophet's life style! so plz don't talk about what u don't know!!! :)

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment. The life style of your prophet is not at issue here. My issue is also not with peace-loving Muslims who just want to co-exist like the rest of us.

    My issue is with is with psychopaths who use him as an excuse to intimidate and murder, and so long as they are out there threatening to kill anyone who offends their idol-worshiping ways, I'll be doing what I do.

    Stop them from sullying your good name with their insane evil, and you'll stop me from standing up against their demands.

    My best wishes to you and other good-natured members of your community.


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