Monday, October 11, 2010

Mohammed Monday :
Who Is the Next Molly Norris?

If you want to know why I'm posting oh-so-offensive cartoons of the Great and Powerful Prophet Mohammed (may pizza be upon him), I refer you to Aaron Goldstein. Writing last month on The American Spectator's website, he wondered, "Who Is the Next Molly Norris?"

Click on the link. You'll find the "why" there.

And here's this week's cartoon. It was originally spotted at Always On Watch. It demonstrates how delusional the Mohammedan idolators are, even more than their own insane behavior does.


  1. In response to Lenny I wrote: We have a new report which includes confirmation by Enrique Chagoya and his publisher that Mohammed is painted in compromising positions and the work is on display at the Loveland Museum, it is entitled "The Misdventures of Mohammed". It is may be that Chagoya's denial to you referred solely to the specific image of Mohammed and the Pig Hookers.

    Enrique Chagoya: "In my work mentioned above I address the role of the Islamic religion among other religious groups imposing its credo on cultures all over the globe. I also critique Islam's position against same-sex marriage while allowing pedophiles to be reviled as prophets.”

  2. Yeah, Chagoya was referring specifically to the dancing pigs illo. That's the one I thought was of Mohammed. There has been no mention specific mention of he other litograph until Adams' column, just general references to the fact that the "Misadventures" is one of several.

    In some ways, my point still holds then: Why has Fox News and other media outlets been so obsessed with depictions of Jesus? It seems they were going out of their way to make the professor look like he was singling out Christianity when it does seem like he was.

    That Adams column also includes the funniest defense of The Big Mo I've ever seen....

    "It is visual profanity," an art gallery owner told the local Loveland newspaper. She added, "It disgraces the mightiest prophet of the God of all creation. He may have been a pedophile but he was not a homosexual. To say otherwise is pure defamation."

    It will have to go in a future "Mohammed Monday" post.

  3. Joe: Yep. If the crazy Muslims and crowbar-wielding Christian art critics don't get us, the Mayans say the world is ending on 12/24/12. Or is the 12/12/12? Or maybe 6/6/12? 8/4/12? 4/8/12?

    Man... you'd think Wise Ancients who could predict the end of the world would be able to give an exact date instead of just a year.

  4. once again, we have Christians being compared to Muslims in terms of the reactions to a cartoon or a highly offensive depiction of Jesus in an oral sex act. The Washington Post just pulled a Non Sequitor cartoon for simply mentioning Mohammed. When's the last time they did that for Jesus?

    You're more likely to come under attack from a moslem - that stick figure alone could wind you into hot water one day. I'm sure it already enraged a few moslems if they saw it.

  5. The editors and publisher of the Washington Post should be embarrassed to have their names in the staff box.

  6. I simply don't get can seemingly sane people go berserk when you portray their fictional gods in comical situations! For myself I pray to Cthulhu...don't none of you talk no smack on Cthulhu or I'll hunt you down and tear your beating heart from your lifeless body...get the point, just how ridiculous does that sound!

  7. "American Spectator"?
    Jesus, why am I not surprised?

  8. Cory,

    At least I point to other websites as background for my opinions, not in place of them.

    And why am I not surprised that you would take the chance to bitch about a website instead of speak out against the fact that an American citizen has gone into hiding because of terrorist threats over a cartoon?

    Why am I not surprised that your silence about something that matters speaks volumes about where your sympathies are?