Monday, October 4, 2010

Mohammed Monday: Mo Goes for Coffee

Today's cartoon originally appeared at Daily Campello Art News.

The reason for "Mohammed Mondays" can be found in this post.


  1. did you see this story?

    You think there's going to be any Christians calling for death threats or fatwas?

  2. Hard to say. I can see that it's a bit of crappy reporting, the same crappy reporting that has been surrounding this artwork since it started.

    For some reason, the reporters are focusing on depictions of Jesus Christ, but Mohammed is there too. Hell, they even SHOW the picture of Mohammed kneeling before the two pigs that look like they're dressed like strippers... just before one of the anchors asks what would happen if Mohammed was depicted.

    Are these reporters REALLY that stupid?

    I haven't commented on this "controversy" because it seems like some media outlets are desperate to manufacture one. I don't know why, except maybe they're trying to give cover to Muslim extremists who freak out over cartoons of Mohammed by hoping to spur Christians into doing the same?

    Having looked at pictures of several of the panels in that exhibit, I think it's fair to say the artist is an equal opportunity offender. Why the AP, Fox, NBC, CNN, Breitbart, and others are spinning this story otherwise, I don't know.

  3. By the way, I found out this afternoon that I was wrong about that image being a picture of Mohammed. According to the artist, what I thought was Mohammed is based on a Persian portrayal of Jesus. The artist of that cartoon in this post actually contacted the artist after I repeated my wrong assertion on his blog.

    Click here to read the truth.

  4. I just read that the WaPo decided not to run a Non Sequitor cartoon because it mentioned mohammed. I didn't show him. It just MENTIONED him.

  5. Pathetic and cowardly are almost too mild to describe the senior editorial staff at the Washington Post.


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