Monday, November 1, 2010

Street Angel never cuts Ninjas a break!

Street Angel, Vol 1 (Slave Labor Graphics, 2006)
Story and Art: Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
Rating: Ten of Ten Stars

In the ninja-infested slums of Angel City, one name strikes an equal mix of fear and irritation in the hearts of ninjas and law enformcement alike: Street Angel.

Street Angel is Jesse Sanchez, a homeless, teenaged orphan who has grown up on the meanest streets of Angel City. She has spent her young life battling corrupt city officials, dirty cops, bizarre supervillains, truant officers, and lots and lots of ninjas. Armed only with her world-class skateboarding skills, superior martial arts abilities, fiery temper, and sardonic sense of humor, she is an unstoppable force for justice in a city where justice can usually only be obtained with cash or credit cards.

"Street Angel" Vol 1 reprints all the individual comic books published by Slave Labor Graphics, along with cover reproductions, pin-ups by range of different artists, and never-before scene conceptual art by series artist Jim Rugg Street Angel appeared in a comic book series of the same name from Slave Labor Graphics. The stories are all fast-paced, well-drawn, and full of chuckles, despite the apparently depressing set-up.

I recommend the "Street Angel" collection highly if you are a fan of quirky superhero comics with a Golden Age flair and a touch of nuttiness. Street Angel's team-up with retired Seventies black superhero Afrodesiac is not to be missed!

(If you like the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" roleplaying game, you want to check out my adaptation of Jesse "Street Angel" Sanchez to that system.)

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