Monday, June 29, 2020

Musical Monday with the Melbourne Ska Orchestra

The Melbourne Ska Orchestra (MSO) is fun-loving big band that's been performing infectious ska since 2003, first as a side project by its core group, but eventually as the main focus. Led by Nicky Bomba, the MSO is 36 members strong, but have been known to perform with as few as 17 musicians on stage. However many are up there swinging and shimmying, the music they put out will make you want to dance.

Even a song about a bloody gang war is a fun time when coming from the guys and gals of the MSO! Please enjoy it right now, with our hopes that you have a great week!

Trivia: Lygon Street is the heart of Melbourne's "Little Italy" neighborhood. We find it interesting  that Italian immigrants seem to give rise to the same stereotypes no matter where they are in the world.

(Oh... and if anyone ever makes a gangster/mafia comedy set in Melbourne, they should just go ahead and use this song and video and just lay opening credits over it, because you're probably not going to come up with anything better.)

For more on the MSO, visit their website by clicking here. Also, by clicking here, you can check out the fun video for their excellent arrangement of the "Get Smart" theme that first brought them to our attention.

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