Monday, October 10, 2016

Countdown to Halloween: 22 Days to Go!

Today, I'm showing off the first sketch of the cover illo for "Secrets of the Witchkind," a d20 System product I designed for NUELOW Games that's releasing this week. You can see the final at the NUELOW Games blog by clicking here.

Sketch of cover for "Secrets of the Witchkind." Art by Bradley K. McDevitt

"Secrets of the Witchkind" was partially inspired by the classic television show "Bewitched." It chronicles the adventures of a witch who falls in love with a mortal, marries him, and tries to give up her magic. The first season is especially interesting, as many of the episodes almost seem like allegories for anti-racism and pro-equal rights arguments, and an interesting look into how gender roles have changed for married couples since the 1960s Does the sort of "normal housewife" that Samantha tries so hard to be even exist anymore?

To see previews of "Secrets of the Witchkind," or to get your own copy, click here.

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