Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The arrival of Zoom!

I am co-editing and writing material for a new three-volume series from NUELOW Games featuring the classic Golden Age magical femme fatale -- the Sorceress of Zoom!

The Sorceress of Zoom is the most powerful magic-user on her home world. She rules the flying city of Zoom, and she travels through space and time seeking to take whatever, and whomever, her heart desires. For the people of her world, few things are more terrifying than the sight of Zoom appearing in the sky, because the Sorceress always gets what she wants and others pay the price.

Click here to see previews of The Sorceress of Zoom, or to get your own copy. As a further preview, here are some splash pages from the book. It contains five "Sorceress of Zoom" stories and a new approach to incorporating magic into the OGL Modern d20 System roleplaying game.

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