Thursday, July 14, 2011

I got a little more elaborate than usual...

... with my cover design for the NUELOW Games edition of John Kendrick Bangs' "Alice in Blunderland".

I keep the cover images for the NUELOW releases very, very simple so they'll shrink down for display on sales listings on websites, and I think I may have outsmarted myself with this one. It doesn't shrink nearly as nicely as others. Still, I like the look.

If you follow politics at all, this book might actually be of interest to you. Although it was written in 1907, the jokes seem disturbingly relevant as Alice travels to a place where dimwitted politicos govern by whim and they view everyone and everything as their personal property. And that includes the teeth in people's heads and whatever they think of as their "private lives." Check it out. Plus, the $0.99 you'll spend goes to a great cause: Keeping me in house and home!

(BTW, I use the term "design" loosely when referring to the covers I make for the NUELOW Games products. All I do is make a logo, select art or photos from my archive [but limiting myself to the things I am certain I have clear rights to], and then put them together with a couple of graphics editing programs. As a graphic designer, I make a great movie and comics reviewer. Speaking of which... I'll have a new review up on this blog soon. It's been too long!)

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