Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barack Hussein Obama MMMmmmNNNo!

Obama formally began his reelection campaign on April 4, 2011. Here's what the Future says about the Hope and Change he has brought....

Are You In(sane)?

If you don't get the reference in the title of this post, click on this link to visit Cinema Steve for a look at the creepy, borderline un-American degree to which some worship (or worshipped, one hopes) Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. I'm pretty unhappy with my president right now. A new war in Libya is not what I voted to support by any means.

    But I hope folks remember that the current debt crisis was created when it was decided to wage two wars by President Bush overseas without a tax increase of some sort to support the effort.

    The collapse of the housing market was the tipping point (and allowed to happen because of changes in banking laws under the Clinton administration) but the stage was set when Americans decided it was just fine to ask soldiers to fight for a decade or more without putting the coin out to support the effort.

    I put the current financial woes of this country at the feet of at least three administrations, and sadly no one has said much on either side to make me think they really understand the problem.

    Democrats won't talk serious cuts and Republicans won't discuss taxes. It's kabuki.

    Rip Off

  2. I didn't vote for Obama, but my disgust for him would be a little less if he had actually stood by his words. I think it was a mistake to promise to close Gitmo, but if he had held true to his grandstanding, I could have respected that. Likewise, I could have respected him if he and his idiotic AG had stood by the promise to give civilian trials to the human garbage being warehoused there, as much as I disagreed with THAT idea. But instead, he's trying them at Gitmo. (But I agree with you that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were mishandled from the get-go... and it's only gotten worse under Obama's "leadership.")

  3. I am a Progressive and I don't much like Obama because he isn't. But to blame him for the idiot points on this poster is... idiot.

    The Republicans are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corporate America... the Dems are not much better... and the Libertarians/Objectivists are Sociopaths... Clinton destroyed the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933, and allowed McCain's Economic Advisor, Phil Graham to replace it with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act that allowed the Banks and the Banksters to use the Banks as Casinos and loot America and it's inhabitants... but Bush was the one who created a HUGE deficit... not Obama.

  4. Leesa: Obama has done nothing to change course, or, worse, has taken point on making the situation more dire. He is not some blameless, innocent bystander.