Monday, September 27, 2010

Mohammed Monday: Women's Rights

Here's another dreaded cartoon of blasphemy. It originally appeared at Jesus and Mo.

(This week's post is dedicated to Imam Anwar al-Awlaki,
without whom this special series would never have happened.)

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If you would like to submit an original Mohammed cartoon to appear in this space, email it  to me as a jpg or gif attachment. Your contribution will be as anonymous or as attributed as you choose.


  1. Utterly Distasteful of you dear blogger....You have so much hate and absolutely no knowledge about the true teachings of Islam....You are lost...May Allah(swt)guide you to the light.

  2. Everything I need to know about "the true teachings of Islam", I've learned from the Iranian mullahs, the Taliban, the Palestinians and their leaders, the Saudis and their leaders, the Pakistanis and the leaders, and the Somali psychopaths.

    I think I will happily remain lost, given what the light of Islam brings to the forefront. Allah will kindly stay the heck away from me!

    BTW, that's a nice blog you have. Your post on "wrong" hijabs was interesting reading.

  3. Mr. Blogger, you are ruined. You have no idea the path you are following and what will happen with you in hereafter. You are completely blind and you will remain so. Stupid guy, you surely have an utterly bad end and Allah(SWT) never guides such foolish rotten headed pigs. Have fear of the Day of Resurrection when you wont even get a chance to repent.

  4. Mr. Anonymous,

    You are more considerate than your fellow crazies--you post to the blog instead of emailing your rant. You are also a better speller.

    But, jeeze, can't a guy show a little love and respect for the right honorable Imam Anwar al-Awlaki? Without him and his Mohammed-worshiping idolators, Mo-toons wouldn't have been half the hit they became!