Friday, April 22, 2016

It's Earth Day 2016!

In celebration of Earth Day, NUELOW Games has gathered all their "jungle girl" titles together in one discounted bundle! It's available for this weekend only. Check it out, download the great collections of comics and RPG material! You'll feel great about yourself, because the digital format helps you do your part to save the planet, the discounted prices helps you save money, and you get hours and hours of entertainment!

Click here to get the greatest adventures of Fantomah, Rulah, Princess Pantha, and Judy of the Jungle! If you already own some of these NUELOW titles, you can still take advantage of the bundle price on those you don't have!

Here are some sample pages from the included books, so you can get a sense of the greatness you're getting in the NUELOW Earth Day Bundle!

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