Thursday, November 12, 2015

Master Key: Keeping an Eye on Evil!

Art by Paul Gattuso
When a mysterious ray from outer space shot through amateur astronomer Ray Cardell's telescope lense and into his eye, he was left with strange powers. Now, he can see through solid objects, melt metal or burn flesh with a glance, and bend others to his will by locking eyes with them. Naturally, he turned to fighting crime, because that's what one does after being struck by a mysterious ray from space.

NUELOW Games has collected the five best Master Key stories in a single volume, cleverly titled Master Key. The stories are by Charles Sultan  and Paul Gattuso and they feature the quirky mix of superheroics and hardboiled crime fiction that's previously been seen in NUELOW's Black Dwarf (which also featured Gattuso's work) and Dynamic Man.

In addition to the off-beat comics, Master Key contains all-new  rules for OGL Modern that focus on vision-based superpowers, such as x-ray and heat vision--Master Key's main superpowers. This never-before-seen material is by yours truly, and it is easly incorporated into any d20 System-based game that uses talent trees, even if you don't use any other part of NUELOW's OGL superpower rules.

You can see previews or get your own copy of Master Key from RPGNow by clicking here. It can also be had from DriveThruComics and DriveThruRPG.

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