Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Picture Perfect Wednesday:
The Return of the Purple Tigress!

In 1944, the mysterious Purple Tigress was capturing hearts and breaking heads throughout Guardian City. Who was this mysterious woman? No one knew, and when her crime-busting exploits came to an end, still no one knew. But if you click here you can learn all her secrets, as they will be revealed by Steve Miller in the soon-to-be released e-book Golden Age Oddballs.

The Purple Tigress adventures are among the six stories featured in Golden Age Oddballs. As we wait for the book to be released by NUELOW Games, here are some modern visions of the mysterious crime fighter.

The Purple Tigress, as seen by Terry Beatty

The Purple Tigress and Friend, as seen by Butch.

(Despite what you might assume from Butch's drawing, and her striped bikini, the Purple Tigress is not a cat-themed superhero. In fact, she draws her name from the Purple Tiger Beetle of all things.)

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