Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Picture Perfect Wednesday: Jon Malin

Recently, artist Jon Malin made comments and sent Tweets that got members of the self-appointed fascistic thought police squad who like calling themselves liberals up in arms. Almost immediately, they started threatening his ability to make a living, as is their favorite tactic--destroy those they don't like so they can be an example for anyone else who might DARE to express an unapproved thought.

There's an article about the situation, with some quoted Tweets here (which contains links to the Podast interviews that seem to have been what initially made him a target of the fascist-minded, would-be censors.

I had never heard of Jon Malin until I came across this latest headhunt by retrogrades pretending to be liberals, and I'm not likely to buy the titles he is currently working on. However, anyone who's living is being threatened by rampaging assholes is deserving of support, so here's a gallery of Malin's artwork. You can see more of it here. (My favorite personal favorite piece of the selection below is the picture of the mid-1990s X-Men.)

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