Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Picture Perfect Wednesday: Steranko

How did I get this far without featuring Jim Steranko here at Shades of Gray? While it's true that there is a bottomless pool of pictures for me to post, and movies and graphic novels for me to review, I'm a bit surprised at myself for not having at least gotten around to SOMETHING he'd done.

But, thanks to the prodding of loyal visitor (a Steranko fan who has designed this excellent, content rich site dedicated to his work), I'm rectifying that oversight now with a small Picture Perfect Wednesday gallery. (And I really must get around to writing a review of "Essential Captain America" one of these days, as it features some of Steranko's finest comic book work, outside of his "Nick Fury, Agen of SHIELD" issues.)

And speaking of Nick Fury...

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