Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Picture Perfect Wednesday:
Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Preview

Tomorrow is the long-awaited Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! It's too bad that cartoonist Molly Norris (who is NOT taking part in the festivities... she made a joke but others made it reality) didn't pick May 19 as the date, because what could make a more Picture Perfect Wednesday than thousands of bloggers posting pictures of the Prophet Mohammed (peas be upon him) within the same 24-hour period?

Anyhow, I forgive you, Ms. Norris. I'm sure the Islamic Thought Police forgive you, too. At any rate, the fact Everybody Draw Muhammed Day is torrow, gives me one more opportunity to plug the event by posting one of my favorite early Mohammed cartoons that showed up here. (Once again, the link takes you to Aaron Worthing's "Everyone Draw Mohammed" blog.)

This illo is one of the hundreds already posted there. It's by Kevin Johnson and it was captioned "Early censorship of Muhammed's image".

I hope you'll come back tomorrow to take a look at my contribution to the Day of a Million Moes. I hope even more strongly that you'll be participating with a drawing of your own.


  1. Please dont post any picture of muslim prophet.that is not good . we dont want to hurt any one.please dont post any picture of muslim prophet