Monday, January 12, 2015

Mohammed Monday: The REAL Reason Mo Hates Pigs

Many journalists and bloggers and news outlets have been wearing the "Je Suis Charlie" badge while at the same time bowing to the demands of psychopathic freaks who murder because they want to force their belief system on others.

Not here. My attitude toward that sort of nonsense has been the same since I first learned of the lunatics in Iran putting a death sentence and bounty on Salman Rushdie for writing a novel straight through to the latest, horrific acting out of death cultists wearing the clothes of Muslims in Paris, France.

Are they real Muslims or not? I really don't give a fuck. All I know is that I don't respect their idolatrous beliefs in the Prophet Mohammed, and I don't respect their demands that images of him should not be shown.

I don't believe people who threaten violence against those who engage in artistic expression should be shown any respect or consideration. In fact, the only propery response to people like that is to do MORE of what they are against, not less.

If you are a offended by an image of the Prophet Mohammed, I feel sorry for you. But that won't stop me. If you think they shouldn't be displayed because they may cause offense, I have no time for you. If you want to hurt those who draw or publish images of the Prophet Mohammed, then fuck you.


Mohammed Mondays will continue as long as I can find Mohammed cartoons that I find amusing to post here. You're welcome to submit your own at the email at the bottom of this blog. I can post them attributed or anonymously. No payment will be offered.

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