Friday, May 10, 2013

Classic Cinema: The Drums of Jeopardy

It's Friday, so it's time for me to bring you another of my favorite classic (and woefully neglected) films. This time out, it's "The Drums of Jeopardy," a neat little thriller from the early days of talkies starring the great Warner Oland and the under-appreciated and all-but-forgotten June Collyer. (I'm a big fan of Collyer, which is why she's the unofficial mascot of my game company, NUELOW Games, and why she has more posts devoted to her here than any other actress, save Milla Jovovich..)

By the way, don't let the wildly inappropriate music during the opening credits foll you. This is not some sort of comedy or romance picture. It;'s full of vengeful Russian mad scientists, murders, and death traps! So... sit back and enjoy the film. If you like, you can read my review of it first by clicking here. (There are actually few things I would love more than be able to re-score some of those old movies with more appropriate music. I think it would give them a stronger appeal with modern viewers.)

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