Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coming Soon: The Best of 'Kathy'

NUELOW Games is soon releasing Kathy, a small collection of classic teen comedy comics illustrated by the team of Frank Frazetta and Ralph Mayo. If you like teen comedies, if you like the screwier sit-coms, if you just want to read some funny stories with goofy characters, you should check out this book.

You should also check out the book if you have an interest in comics as an art-form. In the course of the four included stories,Frazetta and Mayo trade off being the penciler or inker, and doing both art chores. It's an interesting display of how much an artists style can influence the look of a comic depending on what task he is performing.

You can explore the entire selection of NUELOW Games comics/rpg books by clicking here. It's a treasure trove of obscure comics from the Golden Age! And look for Kathy by Frank Frazetta and Ralph Mayo (with RPG content by Steve Miller and L.L. Hundal) within the next day or two!

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