Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meet the first Muslim Superhero!

NUELOW Games latest comics/RPG release shines the spotlight on Kismet, Man of Fate. This long-forgotten superhero appeared in the four quarterly issues of Bomber Comics during 1944, with the first and final issues coinciding with the opening and closing of Ellliot Publishing.

Kismet was one of numerous Nazi-stomping comic book characters who appeared in comics magazines during the early 1940s, but he stands apart from the crowd not only for his ability to carry off running around shirtless while wearing gloves, a fez and a cape, but also because he is the first Muslim superhero. (There were earlier Muslim comic book heroes, but none were so obviously religious as Kismet, nor did they have superpowers.

I've edited a book for NUELOW Games that's part of the Complete Golden Age Oddballs series. For the first time anywhere, it collects all four Kismet stories under one cover, together with an all-new text piece and roleplaying game material for ROLF! and OGL d20 Modern. In addition to the Kismet stories, the also features all three published cases for Penny Parker, Debutante Detective.

By way of a preview, here are the first pages for all the Kismet stories.

Click here to see more previews, or to get your own copy of Complete Golden Age Oddballs: Kisment & Penny Parker.


  1. I'm skeptical about Kismet being a musilm, Does he talk about doing his prayers? Or Allah?

  2. He does talk about Allah, yes. And there's not much time to talk about prayers when he's beating up Nazis and hi-jacking rocketships. Why are you sceptical?