Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I think her objections were reasonable...

This week, NUELOW Games will release the first issue of our new anthology series Werewolf Hunter. Here's an excerpt from one of the stories featuring the headliner Professor Broussard and his faithful companions in monster hunting Lilly and Dan. (The art is by Saul Rosen. Click on the images for larger, more easily readable versions.)

I think if I had been Lilly, I would have objected to the "new technique" as well. But, hey, at least Professor Broussard and Danny were nearby and ready to jump out with nets and cattle-prods... not hiding in the bushes  100 yards away.

You can read more of this excursion into inventive monster hunting in The Werewolf Hunter #1, coming later this week. In addition to two adventures featuring Broussard, the issue brings you the return of Lady Satan, a werewolf story illustrated by the great Lee Elias, and short stories by Robert E. Howard and yours truly, Steve Miller. 

To get warmed up, why don't you check out Lady Satan by George Tuska, also from NUELOW?

Professor Broussard's interesting methods will also be featured in the next issue of Science Sleuths

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