Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'The Pimp, The Protester, and The Po Po'

Here's a statement of great significance from NUELOW Games, relating to the Occupy [Whatever Open Space] movement sweeping America:

Because we desperately want to be viewed as important, we here at NUELOW Games are jumping on the band-wagon of media and celebrity celebration of the brave activists in New York City and Seattle protesting... um... something. Tomorrow, we will proudly bring you "ROLF!: The Pimp, The Protester, and The Po Po."

Here's the cover that Karl M. has created for the supplement:

(We're not sure how to spell "PoPo" but maybe we'll do whatever we damn well please in the spirit of civil disobedience. Fight the power--but just be careful you don't develop tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome from all that drumming!)

Look for "The ROLF!: The Pimp, The Protester, and the PoPo" tomorrow, Wednesday 10/5/2011, in the NUELOW Games section of RPGNow.com!

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