Monday, January 3, 2011

Mohammed Monday:
The Problem with Mo's Image

Last week, a group of Muslims reminded us of the murderous, bloody savagery with which they seek to honor their idol, the Prophet Mohammed (may peaches be upon him). It therefore only seems right to represent this classic Mohammed cartoon.


  1. Very brave or mad? They'll kill you! Please, take care. These people are dangerous.

  2. they're all dangerous, the lot of them. don't care what God they follow, they're all barking box full of monkeys crazy. shit, you go for it, Steve, mate. they've been burning people like us at the stake for centuries now, or stoning us, or lining us up against the wall and shooting us, or all manner of other righteous shit. me, I reckon God's got a great sense of humour, and the joke's his fucking followers.

  3. I've been doing things like this since ca. 1989, and just because a group of crazed idol worshipers are worse now than at any other point in my life-time, I see no reason to change. So, while the frequency of this feature is changing, it has nothing to do with any increased fear or respect on my part for the "militants" nor the cowards and dirt bags in the governments and media outlets around the world who enable and make excuses them. (There won't be a post in this series next Monday, but that's because I intend to alternate it with "Tectonic Tuesdays" over at Cinema Steve from here on in.)

  4. "they're all dangerous, the lot of them"
    I'll take your word for that. I have to say, though that I don't find the church fete, flower show and garden party brigade worry me quite as much as some dipstick walking into a crowded cafe and blowing himself up. (I'm waiting for the day when Richard Dawkin turns his focus to militant Islam - won't hold my breath).

    "just because a group of crazed idol worshippers are worse now than at any other point in my life-time, I see no reason to change"
    I respect your integrity, but maybe it's better to be a live dog than a dead lion?

  5. Jez: In an age where the filthiest of dogs are increasingly misidentified as lions, all good people should be speaking out against terrorists and their barbaric ways.