Monday, January 17, 2011

Mohammed Monday: Mo and the Mountain

That Gary Larson cartoon--which features both the all-holy image and name of the Prophet Mohammed (may pyrite be upon him)--was syndicated around the world in 1994, yet there were no mobs in the streets, no attacks on embassies, nor cowardice and hysterical pants-wetting from the editorial staffs of the newspapers across the United States of America.

At what point did the idol-worshiping heathens who seek to kill any non-believer who DARES show the image of their god, "The Prophet Mohammed (may peat be upon him)", become the dominant and governing force in the so-called Muslim World? When did the followers of the self-described "Religion of Peace" in the Western World turn into a bunch of dimwitted barbarians who spent their time making mountains out of Mo' hills?

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