Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving Day for Bela and Boris

I'm getting fed up with Chinese spammers, so I severely curtailed the comment features at companion blogs The Bela Lugosi Collection and The Boris Karloff Collection.

If you're interested JUST in reviews of movies with one or both of those great actors, the tightly focused blogs remain intact and you can click on the links to the right to visit them... but you just can't leave comments.

However, since I've already reviewed most of the films featuring Lugosi and/or Karloff, everyone who was going to comment has probably already commented. But, just in case, I've moved reviews of all their black-and-white films to this spot. I am adding a tag that a couple of readers have requested--Apes and Ape Suits. (For reasons that I do not comprehend, putting guys in ape suits in horror films and comedies was a much-loved feature among producers at Monogram Pictures and elsewhere. Presumably, the public loved it too.)

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