Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Sketches

I've posted my primary contribution to the world-wide, web-based demonstration against Islamic psychos threatening cartoonists, filmmakers, writers, and other artists whenever they feel offended at Cinema Steve, because there is a little color in the finished piece so it doesn't fit here. Click here to check it out.

However, the sketches I made while creating the illo do. So, here's me getting double-milage out of the same acts of "blasphemy" by drawing the Prophet Mohammed(may peas upon him, may pleats be upon him, and may Pez be upon him).

May the smiling face of the Prophet Mohammed (may peat be upon him) be everywhere you look today. Click here to view hundreds of cartoons drawn in defense of freedom of expression and in celebration of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.


  1. You even drew him with a cute smiling face! Why should anyone be offended at that? Mind boggling.

  2. Why would anyone want to MURDER over that? Yet, there are those who do.