Friday, August 28, 2009

Decent mystery, despite its thin plot

Terror Street (aka "36 Hours") (1953)
Starring: Dan Duryea, John Chandos, Ann Gudrun, Elise Albiin, Kenneth Griffith and Eric Pohlman
Director: Montgomery Tully
Rating: Six of Ten Stars

An AWOL US Air Force officers in London (Duryea) has 36 hours to solve the mystery of why his wife left him and who framed him for her murder.

"Terror Street" is one of those films that only works because of it has a cast who have the talent to sell the rediculous script. Dan Duryea is so sincere as the man trying to figure out why his wife left him and who murdered her that it hardly matters that he seems unable to tell time , nor that Scotland Yard in this film comes across as folks Barney Fife would look down on.

Watch the film for Duryea's performance; for John Chandos' turn as a particularly slimey villain; and for Kenneth Griffin's unitentionally comic turn as a would-be lover of the dead wife. The mystery also isn't have bad, if a little thin. It's one of those tales where evil plots work because the good characters are dumb.

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